BDO Administrator – court hearing on Dec 11, 2020 – orders approved!!

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Orders Approved (requested motions) 

The motions were approved by Justice Conway at the Court Hearing on December 11, 2020.   Below are the updated signed documents and endorsement.    There were several motions;  with one key one for BDO to become Receiver on January 6, 2021 when the Resort is closed.   As Receiver, BDO will take full control over the Resort Sale Process with continued updates, motion requests and approval required by the Court.

Third Administrator Report and Requested Motions 

The next Court Hearing is scheduled on December 11, 2020 at 11am.   Below is the Report and Motions being requested for this hearing.

All parties wishing to attend the hearing but not make submissions may do so by using the following You-Tube link:
Please be advised that the preceding link will not allow you to be seen or heard by the Court.  If you intend to make submissions to the Court, please contact Mitch Grossell at to be provided with a Zoom link.